Pumpkin Party Returns


Last night we went to Fitz and Will’s annual Pumpkin Party. They had taken a couple of years off from the party, so we were all very happy at its return. Although rain threatened all day, it actually cleared up for the party and was quite pleasant outside. Jay and I were steampunks, as was Fitz. IMG_1238IMG_1221



Jay  had spent a good portion of the day researching Victorian beard styles and finally made the decision to go with “mutton chops”.  Excellent choice I must say-they really suit him! Peter and Jen were there and brought along some fantastic apple martinis made with home pressed apple cider. YUM!  I spent quite a bit of time making some spooky ‘krispy eyeballs”.

IMG_1181Martha Stewart would be proud.

Lucifer was there -as expected-sporting a fantastic (if not somewhat crooked) cravat.IMG_1190 Of course the “wild things” were in attendance.IMG_1245

A great time was had by all!

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