Hello. My name is Gimlet.

November 18, 2008

Hello. My name is Gimlet. I live here in Falls Church. There are two people in my pack-Jay and Lea and two cats-Mistletoe and Arwen. (Mistletoe is …how should I say it?….hmmm….the fractious one. What can I tell you about myself? Well I am a pitbull/ boxer mix. I guess alot of people don’t like pitbulls but Jay and Lea tell me I’m a good boy. I really do like everyone for the most part. There are some exceptions though. I HATE the mailman and am not very fond of those UPS and Fed EX guys. There are a couple dogs here in the neighborhood too who give off a bad vibe. But for the most part I’m pretty happy-go-lucky. I like to go on walks, go for rides in the car, play frisbee, tear up bamboo sticks and hide behind trees and jump out right when people get close to my invisible fence. The looks on their faces when they see a pitbull barreling towards them are simply priceless. If Lea or Jay is around when I’m planning my ambush though, they always stop me. Spoil sports! My favorite food of all time is definitely peanut butter though popcorn is a close runner up! ¬†We just had a Halloween party and this is me in my awesome space dog costume. I think it makes me look very official and somewhat dangerous. I may start to wear it when I accompany Lea to the grocery store. I don’t ever get to go inside with her, but its always my job to guard the truck. Usually its a pretty easy job. For the most part uneventful. However, there are these pirates that show up more often than I’d like. Thats right…..pirates. Parking lot pirates to be exact. I know, I know….people think that you only find them on the open sea, but I tell you, pirates are crafty. They’ve adapted to urban environments and I’m the one that has to keep them away from our truck. I don’t know why pirates are suddenly so popular. I saw so many people in their cute pirate outfits on halloween. I was not amused. It made me edgy all night long, never sure if it was friend or foe! Ultimately I blame Johnny Depp. If I ever meet him I might need to bite his face off!

I guess the only big news I have right now is that Lea and Jay are getting married on April 26, 2009 in a castle in Ireland. I really would like to come and Jay said I definitely would have been in the wedding, but apparently Ireland has some problem with any animals from other countries. Sounds ridiculous to me and I suggested I dress up like a real human boy to get into the place. But then Lea mentioned that if I got caught I would be in quarantine for 6 months. (Quarantine is a fancy word for JAIL!) So, I think I’ll just chill out at my club (club pet) while they’re off doing the marriage thing. If anyone wants to know more about the wedding festivities, we’ll be posting information here. Just click on the links.

We are getting married!

November 18, 2008

Sunday April 26, 2009 at four o’clock in the afternoon

Lea and Jay
are getting married
in Ireland

We hope you will join us for the celebration

Cloghan Castle
Kilchrest, Loughrea
County Galway

Here’s more information about

We will be updating this website with more wedding information over the next few months. To get you in the mood for the trip, make sure you take a look at our Ireland Photos on the About Ireland page.

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