Lots of new pictures!

May 19, 2009


We just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve added several albums of photos to our gallery page. Please take a look and feel free to download the entire album or just the individual pictures you like. We also kindly ask you to upload any pictures to our gallery that you wish to share with everyone. We still don’t have the “official” wedding shots from our photographer yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Rehearsal Dinner Photos

May 16, 2009










On Saturday April 25th we held our rehearsal dinner at Cloghan Castle, where our wedding party and families were staying. It was a catered barbecue which we were originally going to hold up on the castle ramparts. However, it was raining-no big surprize for Ireland-so we moved it inside. The food was delicious and the drinks were flowing freely-thanks to our many dedicated bartenders-a special thanks to Alexander here! In his spare time, Alexander planned a “live-action” murder mystery for us to solve. A great time was had by all! If you have any pictures of the castle or the rehearsal dinner, please upload them to our rehearsal dinner gallery so that everyone can enjoy them!

Baby Photos!

May 15, 2009











Who doesn’t love baby pics? Jay and I gathered baby photos of us from our very beginning-actually when we were the twinkles in our parent’s eyes(we have their wedding photos) up to 6 years old. We couldn’t resist including baby pictures of our pets as well. We used i-photo to create a book of all these pics and had it out at our reception for people to look over. I thought people who didn’t get a chance to see it might want to have a laugh over it as well. 

We have these photos displayed in a gallery titled “Baby Photos” on mobile me. Once you click on the link, you can view all of the photos and can download them in full resolution as well! When we get the wedding pics assembled we will be displaying them using this program. What is also really cool about it is that people can not only view our photos but they can also upload their  photos into the gallery via internet, telephone or e-mail.  I hope that everyone else who took some great pics at the wedding will contribute them for all to see. It is really very easy to use. Please check back soon and I hope to have some new galleries started. In the meantime, enjoy our baby pics.

Our Best Man’s Toast

May 11, 2009








Jay’s Best Man for our wedding was Michael Fitzgerald. Fitz was a fantastic Best Man for so many reasons. He is not only a dear and trusted friend of Jay’s, but he has also been one of my closest friends since college. He has always proven himself to be incredibly loyal, trustworthy and dependable. He was invaluable at our wedding, helping not only with the organization and running of the events but also with the entertainment of the guests. At our reception he honored us with the following toast: 

Today we’re gathered together to celebrate a happy cliche: Once again the guitar rock star is marrying the super model.

Lea has always had always been attracted to rock stars so I’m very glad she’s finally found one who’s reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and to the best of my knowledge, keeps his cocaine habit to a very manageable level.

And Jay has always been draw to women who offer something a little more interesting than your standard fare. So I’m very glad he’s finally found one who’s smart enough, good looking enough, and has enough common sense to be engagingly exotic but never excessively eccentric.

I’ve known these two my entire adult life and they are among my most dear friends. So I want everyone in the room to raise their glass for a very, very heartfelt toast to Jay and Lea, their marriage, and the great adventures stretching before them. To Jay and Lea!  

We would like to sincerely thank him for his years of unwavering friendship!

Fitz also has a website where he has blogged about  his experiences while in Ireland. He also has posted some wonderful pictures you might be interested in viewing.

First Blog from Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Lea Ridgeway

May 9, 2009


wedding at castle











Well, we’ve officially tied the knot! We’ve just now returned from our honeymoon and know everyone is anxious to see pictures. The picture above is from our wedding planner-Kate Deegan-who did an AWESOME job by the way. Everything went so smoothly, it was nearly unbelievable! Thanks so much to all of our friends and family who made the journey to Ireland to join us in celebrating our wedding. We had a wonderful, unforgetable time and hope you all did as well. As more pictures arrive, we will post them. For those of you who just can’t wait, our friend, Peter Shanahan, has posted the pics he took at the rehearsal dinner and wedding on his flickr account. Feel free to take a look-he got some great ones! Finally, please check back and we’ll be adding updates frequently.

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