Hi! Welcome to our blog. I’m Lea. I do most of the actual blogging around here, though you may occasionally hear from my husband Jay, dog Gimlet or cat Arwen (though she is not very chatty). You will definitely hear a lot about those folks, as well as some stuff about our friends and families, travels, hobbies, eats, etc.

Originally, we started this blog about 4 months before our wedding (2 years ago now – how time flies!). We were planning a “destination wedding” in beautiful county Galway Ireland. The blog enabled us to keep all of the kind folks who were planning on attending, both here in the US as well as those already in Ireland, abreast of all of the plans surrounding our wedding celebration. For more information and pictures of that happiest of days for us, visit our wedding page. After the big event, I kept blogging and found I actually enjoyed it.

Recently, I’ve gotten into cooking. Really, it is a very recent thing. I don’t know what has gotten into me! Perhaps this new interest is due to the fact that with my marriage came not only a person to cook for, but a kitchen to cook in! Before, when single I mostly lived in small apartments with tiny kitchens and the corresponding “easy-bake” ovens. My new kitchen, and by “new” I mean “new” to me (I believe it was last remodeled sometime before I was born) is fairly large with lots of storage room for fabulous kitchen gadgetry. If you’ve been following the blog, you can see I’ve been inspired without a doubt! So you’ll find a bunch of fun and yummy recipes here as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Contact Info: lea@runcibleeats.com

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  1. Hi there,
    I happened upon your blog when I Googled a potential bathroom contractor named Jhonny Claure. It seems as if your friends and you are big fans of his work. Could you email with a little more information about him and the work he did for you? I’d really appreciate it!
    Thanks so much!

    • liadh1 says:

      Hi Laura-
      I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. We were out of town for a bit. My husband and I have worked with Jhonny Claure for a couple of years now and we cannot recommend him highly enough to you. He has done work for us in some apartments we own in DC as well as in our home. We have had him paint entire apartments both as a larger remodel job and as a simple re-paint between tenants. He does a truly wonderful job there. One of the apartments is in an older building and the walls were somewhat rough and wavy looking. With all of the prep work Jhonny did, the walls ended up looking new and smooth. He is a very neat and meticulous painter as well, taking care to remove switch plate and outlet covers prior to painting and we saw no drips or runs. He laid a marble floor down in one of our bathrooms which we were quite pleased with. Again he showed true attention to detail with the tile work. He did a huge bathroom job for my friend John, where he renovated two bathrooms which had been ripped entirely down to the studs. Both finished bathrooms look gorgeous! You can see this work on John’s blog http://arkave.wordpress.com/ Johnny actually did nearly all of the renovation work you see on that blog, a three bedroom townhouse in NW DC. Johnny is always conscientious about the work site, he always keeps it very clean and orderly. He is very reliable and is quite accurate in his estimations of how long a job will take as well as the cost. As I said, we would recommend him highly for your job. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me again. Good luck with your renovation!
      best wishes-

  2. Lea-

    I have to say- you rock! I stumbled across your page while looking for interesting jam and conserve recipes. I am an avid canner, I cook all of our meals at home (I love cooking), and I work at a whiskey distillery for a living (whiskey is something I also love)- SO, finding a blog with all of your wonderful recipes, many of which include whiskey has tickled me pink! I would love to share some recipes with you sometime.


    • liadh1 says:

      Hi Caley! Thanks for your kind words. I’m delighted to hear you like my blog. I often worry that it is read solely by my family and friends in an attempt to humor me 🙂 I have just recently gotten into canning and really enjoy it. I have a recipe that I’m going to be posting soon for two different styles of apple butter – Tipsy Sweet and Drunken Granny – which were really fun to make. I also am hoping to soon try my hand at making some bacon jam. And yes, booze does seem to find its way into many of my recipes!
      Once again, it was great to hear from you and I’d love to share some recipes in the future!
      best wishes-

  3. manon says:

    your pictures are amazing! I am doing a charity recipe book and wanted to ask you permission to use the Irish brown bread slices with butter picture in it. Would that be ok?

  4. Hello Lea,
    What a great blog! My compliments! Also, congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Will be stopping by often.

  5. lauraelaro says:

    Great blog! Thrilled to see fellow Nutella fans. The tart looks AWESOME!

  6. Looking at your food blogs.. the Nuttela lead me here… I maybe visiting often.

  7. hks987 says:

    This blog is amazing! I am addicted to cupcakes and saw your really rare ones! I love it! You have so many delicious recipes and amazing pictures to go with them! I am very impressed.

  8. I just found your blog! I absolutely love everything about it! The photos from your wedding are stunning. I’ve been to Galway and there is nothing like quite like it. I come from a large Irish family and I am also an Irish dancer so I love all of your Irish recipes. I cannot wait to try them out! I am also new to cooking and I am going to try and feature more recipes on my blog. All I have right now is a recipe for peppermint bark–and that involves no cooking.

    ps. I cannot wait to try that green bean recipe. As strange as that sounds it looks like a really great way to turn a simple vegetable into something actually mouthwatering.

    • liadh1 says:

      Thanks so much for all of your kind words. I am glad you like the recipes. Starting on March 1st, I will once again be posting a bunch of Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you’ll stop by to check them out!

  9. Ok — so I just last month started a blog of my own . . .I know, “Welcome to the 21st Century, Naughty, what took you so long!”

    I love Nutella –I love Ireland — and I am falling in love with your recipes!!! I don’t do as much cooking for my family as I would like to — and I get so lost in cook books, since I can’t guess what things will taste like just from the words. But I am bound and determined to make some of these yummy items! Thank you for the photos of the food — and THANK YOU for giving readers who aren’t family or friends a peek at your lovely wedding!

  10. pearlessence says:

    Hi Lea, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks for sharing all of your delicious-looking recipes – there are so many I want to try!


  11. Fresh from my desk... says:


    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Love coming to your blog to see the newest creations.



  12. We have enjoyed looking through your blog!

  13. sarahlmandl says:

    I am so glad that you have gotten into cooking and then blogging about it. Love the recipies! I have sent you the Daisy Award! Click here to read the nomination: http://wp.me/p1StdW-cD

  14. jmatthewlake says:

    *Love* your blog. Just stumbled across it. Now my mouth is watering uncontrollably. Curse you 😉

  15. Susan Richey says:

    Hi There: just found you through Pinterest.. I felt like as I was back in my gramma’s kitchen when I was reading your recipes, brought back that memories of all the wonderful tastes to my mouth….she was an awesome cook, loved traditional gaelic recipes. ‘ I am from Nova Scotia a.k.a. New Scotland, SO I will be recommending your blog to all of my cooking buddies. The recipes sound so yummy, I am going to stop typing and go try a couple.
    p.s. The Owl and The Pussycat was the first poem I memorized when i was little. and always a favorite. Got your page bookmarked… AFF Susan Richey

  16. Sam Hankins says:

    Hi! I found your site by googling ‘hot milk punch’ and there you were! Your blog is a wonderful thing and I look forward to visiting again and again. Best wishes from Austin, Texas.

  17. Shruti says:

    Hi!!! Came across your blog just now and enjoyed exploring it. Yummy recipes you have… Happy to connect 🙂 See you sometime @ http://www.cookingwithsj.com!!!

  18. Linda Manca says:

    I would love your recipe for Torte Milanese! I can see the picture but not the recipe. Any chance you can send it to me?

  19. K Dubuque says:

    Hi – I just found your blog and love it! You have some great ideas and very different recipes. It’s really refreshing. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  20. Your cousin Donna Dize says:

    Lisa just sent me your blog page. Congratulations on your nuptials! I hope you are happy & well! 😘

  21. gail wickert says:

    I tried to print the recipe for the apple cider donut cake both from Facebook and then from this website—–it would not print for me either way. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • liadh1 says:

      Hi Gail – Sorry you are having problems printing. I just tried it here and it seemed to be working here. I also wish I was able to offer you more technical support, but I’m afraid that is beyond me. As far as I’m concerned, printers all seem to be evil and generally disagreeable! Best of luck to you!

  22. Hi there, do you have a page on facebook?

  23. Trying to find a way to follow. Do you hide that button somewhere? I don’t do twitter. Saw a post of yours that was shared on Facebook but I don’t see a FB page.

    • liadh1 says:

      Hi Nancy- I just added an email follow button directly below the twitter link in the side bar. I’m sorry, I don’t have a FB page. Thanks for following! best- Lea

  24. Sarah says:

    Can I share your recipes on my FB page? I’d especially like to share your apple cider cake and a link to your blog.

    • liadh1 says:

      Glad you like the recipes! Of course you may share, just please link back to my blog. Thanks so much! best- Lea

  25. Zest4Food says:

    Hi Lea, I came across your blog. Great work! You got delicious recipes posted. I just followed your blog. Your St. Patrick’s Day treat sounds yummy. I am a food blogger from Canada, and I invite you to visit/follow my blog at: https://zest4foodblog.wordpress.com
    Cheers, Angelika

  26. Exciting blog! I found it while doing researching for my own blog and quite enjoyed the way you write.

    • liadh1 says:

      Thank you very much. So glad you left me a comment, first of all for you kind words. It is always nice to know someone is taking a look at your work. And secondly, it introduced me to your blog, which I am thoroughly enjoying! I cannot wait to head back to Iceland! best- Lea

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