Baby Photos!











Who doesn’t love baby pics? Jay and I gathered baby photos of us from our very beginning-actually when we were the twinkles in our parent’s eyes(we have their wedding photos) up to 6 years old. We couldn’t resist including baby pictures of our pets as well. We used i-photo to create a book of all these pics and had it out at our reception for people to look over. I thought people who didn’t get a chance to see it might want to have a laugh over it as well. 

We have these photos displayed in a gallery titled “Baby Photos” on mobile me. Once you click on the link, you can view all of the photos and can download them in full resolution as well! When we get the wedding pics assembled we will be displaying them using this program. What is also really cool about it is that people can not only view our photos but they can also upload their  photos into the gallery via internet, telephone or e-mail.  I hope that everyone else who took some great pics at the wedding will contribute them for all to see. It is really very easy to use. Please check back soon and I hope to have some new galleries started. In the meantime, enjoy our baby pics.

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