Eww-woo That Smell!

August 8, 2010

Entrance to The Standard Hotel

So…..Jay and I just got back from NYC. It was a great trip…don’t get me wrong. I love The Standard Hotel, where we always stay. Our room was a little smaller than usual, but still fantastic as always! Stylish, luxurious, comfortable, hip…

Standard Reflections

Jay soaking in peek-a-boo tub

It was great for both of us, Jay was able to get some “face time” with his company and I was able to spend the afternoon wandering around Manhattan. Whats not to love? However, Jay, who has spent much more time in The City than I have, had mentioned once before that summer time was not the ideal time to visit New York. Well, I’m sure all who know me, know that I absolutely DETEST hot, humid weather. I don’t know what I did in a past life that sentenced me to this lifetime in the mid-Atlantic states (Maryland, DC, Virginia)….yet here I am. So don’t you know it, when we were there on Thursday it was in the mid-90’s and super humid! But as it turns out, Jay wasn’t really referring to the unbearable temperatures, which are quite enough on their own to scare me off. He mentioned that in the summer, New York really smells bad! I guess all cities smell somewhat “ripe” when the temperatures soar, what with the over abundance of trash and all, however NYC really smells like pee! I walked over 60 blocks on Thursday afternoon (more on that later…but it involved a “cupcake crawl”) and it didn’t seem to matter where I was, if there was a park nearby or a vacant lot etc…….the city reeked of urine! Old failing sewers? Perhaps, but I have been in cities with far older sewers….London, Dublin etc. and they did not take my breath away with that distinct odour. Nevertheless, I soldiered on…. Strangely enough, Jay and I both discovered Chelsea Market on the same day, yet seperately. Very cool place. Architecturally fantastic, and filled with awesome shops!

Jay got a home-made popsicle on his visit. We both stopped by the Fat Witch Bakery the next day for some fantastic treats! It seems to that bakery, “witches” are incredibly tasty brownies. I had a “snow witch” -which was quite yummy to say the least!


my chosen treat-love that white chocolate!

Thanks so much to John for taking care of our animals for us. There may be a few “witches” in his future! I’ll leave you with this “illegal” photo of the Standard lobby. Don’t know why this was a problem for the somewhat “abrupt” manager-to put it kindly-but he quickly informed me that pictures of the lobby were not permitted. Its a lovely lobby and I’m not sure you could get an unflattering photo, but I really like this one and am going to post it. Hope he doesn’t come too unraveled!

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