Two years ago today…

Two years ago today, at Cloghan Castle in Kilcreest, County Galway, Republic of Ireland, Jay and I were married! According to various anniversary gift lists I’ve browsed, I believe two years together entitles us to “cotton”. Hmmm…. I’m at a bit of a loss there. Though perhaps it could be referring to a big, fluffy cotton terry bathrobe that we could wear at a luxury spa….like the Ice House Hotel in Ballina Ireland, where we spent our honeymoon, for example.

Ice House Suite Bedroom

Ice House view of the Moy River

Yes. We had hoped to go back there last year for our first anniversary and it was not possible. Unfortunately, this year is following suit. We are hoping to post-pone any Ireland travel until September. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I really, really miss Ireland!

Conor Pass, Dingle

As far as anniversary gifts to each other (not going to be that spa robe till September at best), we had decided once again to buy something for the both of us. In fact we had our eye on the Harbor Lounge chair by Thomas Moser. I fear however that instead of this:

We will be getting this:


Let me explain. The temperature here in Virginia has already climbed into the mid-80’s several times this Spring. I really think that is totally out of line. It is much too early to be suffering that kind of weather and it really makes me fear what the actual summer has in store for us. Jay and I both despise the least bit of heat and humidity! So we were quite unhappy yesterday when the mercury climbed to 85° F and our sad, older AC unit was not able to keep our house in the mid-70’s, a temperature range in which we can continue to exist. So although I had been picturing myself relaxing in my Harbour Lounge chair, the image became considerably less pleasing when I thought of myself melting all over the beautiful chair come around July. Oh well!

So what kind of celebration did we have today? Very low-key. Of course it involved this (our all time favourite):

And a delicious cupcake from another favourite, Baked and Wired. Best in the DC/Metro area!

We did also go to dinner at Tunnicliff’s Tavern on Capitol Hill.

It was the first restaurant Jay and I went to when we were officially dating. But otherwise we thought we’d save what we could for some vacations we hope to take later in the year, namely Maine and Newfoundland. Both cooler climes we hope to visit during the depth of the oppressive Virginia summer.

Maine Sunrise

Foggy Bauline Newfoundland

Our second year of marriage has been as wonderful as the first. Both of us can truly say we’ve never been so happy. We look forward to many more together! Now, time to go, champagne’s a waitin!

One Response to Two years ago today…

  1. Peter says:

    Happy Anniversary to a fantastic couple! Nothing says anniversary like a chilled flute of Veuve Cliquot! Cin Cin

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