Octopus iPhone Case

I thought I’d take a wee break from the cooking today and show you the other “crafty” things that I’ve been up to. My husband and I are now the proud owners of iPhones. We have waited quite a loooong time for this. I know iPhones have been out for a while and we could’ve had one years ago. However, Jay and I both have an extreme dislike, dare I say “hatred” of AT&T. It was actually one of the things we discovered that we had in common when we first started dating. AT&T had done both of us wrong in the past. I had vowed to never use their services, EVER again if I could possibly help it. Jay felt the same. So even though we own all things Apple and were drooling over all of our friend’s iPhones, we held out with our pathetic old mobile phones until the Verizon iPhone made its appearance. Joy!!! We actually got up at 3 a.m. so that we could do the pre-order with Verizon online, not wanting to go one more minute without that tech than was necessary. We now are proud owners and couldn’t be happier! We love our iPhones! Of course we needed cases for them to protect their pristine screens. We didn’t actually see any we were crazy about after a bit of a poke around online. Jay had mentioned he would love to have one with an octopus on it. (He may have a “thing” for octopi) So, I went ahead and made him one and am quite pleased with the results! It’s a hand-stitched, felt case with velcro closures, sporting an adorable appliqued octopus.

Front of case

Back of case

A bunch of folks who have seen it, id’ed the critter on it as Cthulhu. Not my intention. I think my guys looks a bit cuddly for one of the Lovecraftian Great Old Ones, whose mere visage is known to strike abject terror and insanity in those who are unfortunate enough to meet him, but I guess to each his own. Now I have to get started on one for myself. I’m still carrying my beloved iPhone around in a very undignifed sock! Stand-by for more yummy food coming your way soon-think home-made pizza!

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