Talking about the weather…

So what the heck happened yesterday?!! I know, I know. It was snow. Being on the edge of the south around here, we tend to freak-out when it snows. However, you’d think we’d be a bit more seasoned after last years series of  “snowpocalypses”. Not to mention, we’ve had a few little snows already this year, to get us in gear for a bigger snow event.

Squirrel Toes

Squirrel Toes

Icy flower bud

However, I don’t think anything could of prepared us for the chaos of last night! It was so bad, and people were so traumatized that no one has even coined a cute snowmageddon-like name for this snow storm. Its not like the weather forecasters weren’t telling us it was coming-well….they started mentioning on tuesday evening that wednesday could see be a bit more snow than they had previously thought. I guess we were all skeptical. Around 3 p.m. when the rain changed over to sleet, quickly followed by HEAVY snow, wind and believe it or not, thunder and lightening, it was already too late for many commuters. Luckily Jay works from home and I was working all of 3 minutes away from our house yesterday. We were completely unscathed. However, I’ve heard HORROR stories from others. Like my friend John who left work at Georgetown at 5 pm only to find he had travelled all of 2 blocks and hour later. In desperation, he ditched his car a proceeded to walk home for the next hour and 40 minutes. He didn’t even feel so bad about his personal experience when he heard that his coworker who had left town 1 hour prior to his departure-4 pm- did not arrive at her Springfield home- a mere 13 miles away- until 5 a.m. thursday morning. Really?!! A 13 hour commute?!!! Complete nightmare! At first, Jay, Gimlet and I were blissfully unaware of the chaos unfolding around us. Sure the snow was heavy, but quite pretty and the lightening and thunder bizarre, but also exciting. We were having fun running around outside.

Gimlet runs circles around

That is til the heavy wet snow started bringing down trees and branches all around us. A horrible sound to hear. Then we noticed that the lightening was accompanied by the flashes given off by electric wires coming down and transformers blowing.  While we were standing there a rather large branch from one of our trees crashed down onto the road next to our house, blocking it so that only one car can squeeze by.

Offending Branch

Thats when we took a look at the local news and saw what an absolute mess it was out there-traffic nightmares, power outages etc. Amazing how we take all those little things like passable roadways and electricity for granted. Bit of a wake-up call.

Gimlet Reflections

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