Savvy Rest

Gimlet has a great night's sleep in his slumber ball

Savvy: shrewdly informed

So….Jay and I recently became the proud new owners of a Savvy Rest mattress. This was the result of a looooong search for the “perfect” mattress. Jay had been saying for sometime that he thought our then current mattress was not all it should be. He has some neck and back problems and thought that the pillow top on the mattress (which was an incredible, squishy 4 inches or so) was too soft and was definitely not helping his back and possibly even causing it to get worse. This theory, originally placed on the back burner, was given a lot of attention after Jay and I went to New York and stayed at the Standard Hotel. (love, love, love this hotel!)

View of our room through the cool peek-a-boo shower

Anyway, we both slept the whole night through and awoke feeling quite springy and refreshed! A notably different sensation from our day to day existence in Falls Church. We thought maybe we were just feeling invigorated by being in New York, but quickly decided that it really was a case of an improved sleep environment. “Easy”, we thought, we’ll just get the exact mattress that the Standard uses in it’s guest rooms and we’ll be set for blissful slumber! As it turns out the hotel uses the Sealy Posturpedic Palatial Crest mattress. “Great” we thought and set out to buy it. “Hold on a minute”….the Palatial Crest is only available to hotels and is not sold to the general public. Hmmm….let the mattress research begin in earnest!

There is so much online about mattresses, it truly bogles the mind!  I was able to deduce eventually that Tempurpedic mattress, air mattresses (like the Sleep Number bed) and latex mattresses have the highest level of customer satisfaction at 85% . The run of the mill inner-spring mattresses ranked a measly 60%. As far as rankings for mattress life, the first three types of matresses I mentioned are reported to have a 20 year lifespan, whereas inner-spring mattresses while guaranteeing 10 years, really only hold their shape for 4 years or so. At that point they start to develop sags etc. The first three types of mattresses mentioned also receive high marks for being supportive for people with back issues and are hypo-allergenic-ie. no dust mites, no mold, mildew etc. Jay and I both suffer from some allergies, so this immediately captured our attention. O.k., so we had narrowed it down to one of the above three types of mattresses. I came across many reviews of the Tempurpedic mattresses which claimed they “slept hot”. Jay is literally like a furnace. He is so hot! (he loves it when I say that) I decided right then and there that we would not be getting the Tempurpedic. Looking at the Sleep Number bed, we liked the idea that we would each be able customize the firmness of our side of the mattress. However, the Savvy Rest latex mattress allows each partner to customize the firmness of their side of the mattress as well and also rated a bit higher for helping people with back pain. That was our original motivating factor, so we decided on the Savvy Rest-billed as “the World’s Healthiest Mattresses”.

Savvy Rest mattresses are rated “The Greenest” by National Geographic’s Green Guide. These organic mattresses are fabricated of natural latex rubber, surrounded by a mattress quilting made of wool fiber. The wool wicks moisture, insulates, and therefore sleeps cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold. The mattress itself is built in layers which allow each person to select how soft or firm they want their side of the mattress. This arrangement can be altered at any time to change the feel of the mattress should their comfort level change. Jay and I were shocked to learn that regular inner spring mattresses are routinely treated with chemicals like formaldehyde (flame retardant, preservative) and boric acid (roach killer). While I’m sure no one wants roaches, never mind flames, anywhere near their beds, do we really want to be breathing in that chemical residue every night! YUCK!

It has been several nights now and Jay couldn’t be any happier with our choice. He is sleeping much more soundly and hasn’t been snoring at all. I have also been sleeping much better (Jay isn’t snoring). The mattress feels a bit firmer to me than it did in the showroom. I am going to give it a week or so and if I don’t feel it has broken in at all, I’m going to order a mattress topper from Holy Lamb Organics. They offer different width organic wool toppers as well as a lot of other great eco-bedding options. So were we “shrewdly informed” in our mattress decision? So far we think so. We’ll keep you posted!

As far as other things happening around here…..not a whole lot of note. I will mention that John’s house is really looking awesome! If you haven’t looked recently, check out his blog for new pics of the renovation. The last bit of news I can mention is that Jay has just recently released his first iPhone App! We are very excited and I will soon do another post very soon all about Yodel-Ay-Hee-Moo (Jay’s App)

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