Did you say SNOW?!

Gimlet is concerned

Poor Gimlet! He is definitely OVER the snow. He hasn’t been for a walk in what seems like one million years to him. When he does get to go outside to do “his business” he is limited to a tiny spot of real estate which has been dug out for especially for this purpose. How disgusting! And now they are saying there might be more snow tomorrow. Really?!  Actually, it doesn’t seem like the forecasters have any real idea what is going to happen tomorrow. (Surprizing huh?)  I’ve heard that the DC area won’t get any appreciable snow and I’ve also heard we could get up to 6 inches. At this point, I’m afraid that one flake could be the flake that broke the camel’s back. Gimlet isn’t the only one who has had it.  On the brighter side, we have had quite a bit of melting. Today was the first time I could actually see the pavement on Kern’s Road. I am a bit concerned with these insane icicles though. They could pull the gutters right off of the house!

Icicles on steroids!

Not much has been happening here since the storm ended. We, along with everyone else, continued to dig out. Jay and John, along with 3 other good samaritans helped push the mail truck out when it got stuck.

The mail must get through!

The outdoor critters continue to visit our feeders.

Nom nom nom!


Hungry woodpecker

More snow you say?!

I don’t think anyone here is ready for more snow. I’m headed out for work in an actual dental office tomorrow-that is if the patients don’t all cancel in one big communal snow panic attack. There is a snow charm I’ve heard of where you wear your pajamas inside out the night before you want it to snow. Does anyone know any anti-snow maneuvers? If not, I guess keepin your fingers crossed will have to do…..

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