Its BAAACK! I thought we were all done….but nope. Flakes are falling again. Not flurries either…a moderate amount of wind driven snow whacked me in the face as soon as I stepped out the door. This must be one of those snow bands they were talking about.


When it looked like Snowmaggedon Part Deux was fini earlier, people had actually ventured out to shovel (not us) and use their snowblowers (not us….yet….just wait til next year!)

Snowblower in Action

I took the opportunity to refill the bird feeder. Earlier today I was beset by Grackles. They stayed all day and ate absolutely every bit of seed around. I’ll post some pics of my birds in action tomorrow. Getting to the feeder was not the easiest, but -Mission Accomplished! We’re ready for the onslaught tomorrow.

Filling the Feeder-Snow to my Knees!


John was not playing around with any such stuff, but was working feverishly all day long. Hmmm…..John? What is that in your hand?

John-Hard at Work

Well, its dinner time now. We’re having some ravioli topped with my homemade sauce. This weather reporter has had it for today. I’ll check back in tommorow


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