Looks like we just have the occasional few flurries now but it is WINDY! The second I stepped out the door to snap the pics a huge gust came along and nearly pushed me back inside. In that movie-Whiteout-which we watched a few nights ago-the characters were only able to move from building to building on the Post they were stationed on in Antarctica by wearing a harness and hooking themselves to a rope. The visibility there was so nonexistent that ropes were strung between all of the buildings. If you didn’t have the ropes to guide your progress you were in danger of being blown away and then lost in the blizzard. I’m beginning to wish I’d strung a few ropes myself!


I’m afraid the Veuve isn’t accurately reflecting the total snow accumulation.


I think the wind is just blowing the snow elsewhere. I measured 10 inches in the driveway, but I’m not sure if that was a drift or not.   There are some crazy drifts forming all around the house. Looks like a weird moonscape.


We still have power though Jay just tried to “word” us by talking about how amazing that was. It was quickly followed by John and I saying “Toowee Toowee Toowee” to counteract any bad luck. Hmmm…we may be getting a bit stir crazy! See you around 8PM

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