Snow Sorry I Ever Doubted You….


Goodness! I woke up this morning and peered outside to find I must stand corrected. I know I was doubting this storm at midnight. It was very quiet at that point, hardly snowing/sleeting at all. No winds. Well, that is not the case now. This storm is really raging! Not only is it snowing heavily, but the winds are gusting, at a guess, 30-40 mph.


We are feeding the birds and were able to get more seed and peanuts for them between the storms. I looked out this morning to see a full on Grackle feeding frenzy. The Grackles aren’t my usual takers, so it was a bit of a surprise.

Grackle Gathering

The wind is making it difficult to get any photos and I am really anxious about the power. I can easily imagine trees going down in this. We had a large branch which was broken by the previous storm, crash down out of a tree this morning. If I don’t blog at my usual time, you’ll know I’m likely “in the dark”. I tried to get a pic of what it looks like when its really blowing. I had to cower in the carport to do so because the lens of the camera was getting so covered with snow, nothing was visible in my first few attempts. With all luck, back at noon!

Looking out from the carport

Looking out from carport-side yard

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