Timeline Photos of Snowpocalypse


Good news! I made it in to work today and arrived safely back home. We only saw patients from 7 AM until 12 noon, but it is likely the only work or should I say the only dental hygiene type of work that I will do all week-what with the second storm bearing down on us as I write. The roads were passable, but I am so, so happy we have the Tacoma (aka Lopez). I can’t imagine driving on them with a regular car. Once I arrived at work I noticed that the new tables/umbrellas in the courtyard looked different. They almost looked wind blown, but it seems the umbrellas buckled from the weight of all the snow!

Damaged Umbrellas

Speaking of structural integrity, a big topic of conversation around here is that all of the flat roofs in the area are in danger of collapsing from the weight of all that heavy, wet snow. Of coarse these concerns are only heightened now since there is what is estimated to be another foot of accumulation on the way. I am worried about my house on Capitol Hill, however I don’t think there is much I can do for it. The roof access is normally through a trap door-which by the way is now covered with about 28 inches of heavy snow. We could get a ladder out on the upper deck I suppose and try to get up on the roof that way and once up there, try to maintain footing while clearing the snow and ice…..Seems pretty dangerous though and like I’d be asking for trouble. Jay has told me many times that the Ridgeways are not known for their sure- footedness! I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

I’ve just seen the first flurries starting to fall. The temperature has been above freezing this afternoon and all of the icicles are melting outside of my window, but I understand soon conditions will be deteriorating rapidly. I am planning on updating my blog every four hours again through this second storm. What is it being called now? Snowmaggedon II, Son of Snowpocalyse, February Fury…Anyone got any good ideas? So check back for all the information. In the meantime, as a little recap-here are the sequential pics of our house from the initial 2010 Blizzard.

2:30 PM-Blizzard Friday

6:30 PM-Blizzard Friday

10:30 PM-Blizzard Friday

7 AM-Blizzard Saturday

11 AM-Blizzard Saturday

3 PM-Blizzard Saturday

6 PM-Blizzard Saturday-End

One Response to Timeline Photos of Snowpocalypse

  1. Fitz says:

    Because it’s turning evil, becoming tired, and staying MUCH longer than it should I’m dubbing this one “Snowstrom thurmond”…

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