Here We Go Again!

4:15 PM-Tuesday

The snow began here at 4:15 PM. It was initially tiny, fluffy flurries. However, now it is 6:45 and the snow has mixed a bit with freezing rain and is coming down much harder. Even though the temperature was above freezing today, the roads are already covered.  We just watched the 6 PM news-NBC 4- and heard the latest. Apparently the storm will produce 8-12 inches here in Falls Church. Heaviest snow will fall after 12 AM. Winds tomorrow will be gust 30-40 mph. Widespread power outages are very likely when evergreen tree branches, already covered with snow from the first storm, become coated with more ice and snow from this storm, are then hit with the high winds and snap off, falling onto power lines and bringing them down in the process. Bummer. On Sunday when we had a three hour power outage, I was most unhappy. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Back to the flat roof anxieties-We just heard that this new storm will add 5,000 lbs. to the average roof! Yikes!!! I am definitely on the verge of a panic attack! However, I did feel somewhat better when they went on to explain that the amount of snow already on DC Metro area roofs added up to 20 lbs. per square inch. This new storm will add 5 lbs. per square inch, for a total of 25 lbs. per square inch. Building code dictates that roofs be built to withstand 30 lbs. per square inch minimum, but they can usually stand twice that amount. They went on to say, “DO NOT SHOVEL ROOFTOPS” because it is very dangerous. Hmmm…I guess I feel a bit less crazed, though I know my house was built in 1882 and don’t know what the building codes were like then.

The Federal Government is closed again tomorrow. That is three days in a row!  Possibly a record. I just spoke with the office I’m supposed to work with tomorrow and they have decided to close as well. Sooo……I will be updating the blog every 4 hours as I did per the last storm. I have decided not to use the fire hydrant as a measuring stick this time. It is difficult to reach now what with all the plowing. We will be using the bottle displayed below. Yay! Our favourite champagne-Veuve Clicquot. Don’t worry, no champagne was harmed in the production of this blog-the bottle is empty(don’t know how that could have happened.)

Veuve-4:15 PM-Tuesday

See everyone again at 8 PM!

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