Calm Before the Next Storm

Sun Dog

Gimlet took some time today, since he wan’t working, to take a little sun bath while looking out over all the snow. Lots of people were off work today, though I doubt they were lounging around in the sun. I’m sure a whole lot of diggin was going on. The Federal Government was shut down. Georgetown was closed today, so John was working from home. My dental office closed as well. Poor Jay, who always works from home, was diligently working as per usual.

If all of your digging is done and you have some time to search the “intertubes”, I just discovered that my one of my best friends, Theresa, who lives in Ireland, has an awesome blog-thegreenapron– The Green Apron is Theresa’s company which makes a fabulous range of award winning homemade jams, marmalades, chutneys, ketchups, sauces, herb mixes, butters, mustards and pickles using her secret family recipes. She, along with her family, grow most of the ingredients they use in their preserves themselves or when that is not practical she sources the ingredients locally. She is a fantastic cook and while I was living in Ireland I was lucky enough to scarf down many of the yummy meals she made. An amazing thing was that when we were in college, I would go look in the kitchen and think “Man, there is nothing in here to eat”. Then Theresa would go in, take a look and come out with the most amazing dinners she just managed to “whip-up”. I was delighted to see many of my favourite recipes from the past listed here, plus lots of other cool tidbits. Take a look!

Theresa, husband Mike, and children-Alexander, Athene and Isabella

I did mention previously that another storm was on the way. At first we heard that it would bring us another 1-3 inches. Then it was upgraded to 4 inches or so. Last night before I went to bed they were saying that it would likely be 5-8 inches. I just now received a revised update and am literally sitting here in shock. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service is that we could get an additional 10-20 inches of snow between tuesday afternoon and wednesday evening at 7 pm. I can’t even imagine what that will be like! I’m fairly certain that the dental office I’m scheduled to work in tomorrow will be open. Its located right in Falls Church city, maybe 10-15 minutes away from the house and I’m pretty confident Lopez (our Toyota Tacoma) can make it there. I guess I’ll try to get some supplies while I’m out -some ice melt, birdfood, eggs, $ to pay our shovelers should they come back. Luckily we are still good with respect to toilet paper and milk. Check back with us to see how “Son of Snowpocalypse” shapes up!

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