Post Snowpocalypse

Bird Toes

So its Day 1 after the Blizzard. I would have checked in sooner, however just as I sat down to write the blog, we lost power. Drat! However, its back on now. I guess three hours out isn’t so bad. Anyway our day started out with our doorbell ringing at 8:30 am-and yes I will just admit right away that we were all sound asleep. When I opened the door I was quite delighted to see the two kids-they look like brother and sister -around 14 years-ish-who shoveled both of our driveways in the last snow. Mind you, the last snow which fell on tuesday night was about 4-5  inches. They were wondering if we wanted the lower drive shoveled and if they could finish shoveling our main drive. Not only “Yes”, but excuse me when I say-“Hell Yes!” What a relief! So really now all we have to do to potentially drive out of here would be to get the snow off of our cars. Osgar (my mini cooper) was under the carport for the storm, so he is in good shape-as if we would attempt to drive him anywhere in snow. Lopez, our Toyota Tacoma-who with his 4 wheel drive is awesome in snow, was completely covered. Here is a picture of what he looked like after I had exhumed him partially.

Poor Lopez

Kerns still hasn’t been plowed today. It does appear to be passable with four wheel/all wheel drive vehicles. However, the side street-Randall-right next to our house had people getting stuck on it all morning. The neighbour right beside us has the “mack-daddy” snow blower which has with out a doubt given me a serious case of snow blower envy. He took pity on the neighbourhood and was actually trying to use it to clear the entire street.

Snow Blower Envy

I took Gimlet for a walk up to Sleepy Hollow Road, which isn’t a main road per se, but is close to one. It has been plowed, but as you can see is still quite snowy.

Sleepy Hollow Road

Sleepy Hollow Road

On the way to Sleepy Hollow, we ran across a side road which had not been plowed at all and no cars had driven upon it. I know its hard to pick out the road, but I was standing on Kerns to take the picture. The untreated/plowed road is Rutland. There is over 2 feet of snow on it! Those folks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Untreated Side Street

We did have another fantastic Blizzard Brunch today. I am planning on making a shepherds pie later, so I had some mash potatoes around. I went ahead and fried up some potato farls-YUM!

Farls A-fryin!

We also had some sausage, eggs, chocolate babka, pears soaked in champagne and more champagne to drink. How decadent!

Blizzard Brunch-Part Deux

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