Post Blizzard Fun

Hot Tub Therapy

Great evening! We did indeed enjoy one or two cocktails. We had some really exceptional pasta from Pete’s, which was followed by the movie Zombieland. It was actually very good. Anyone who enjoys zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead would like this one as well. We have been quite disappointed with movies recently. Public Enemies with Johnny Depp-the one in which he plays John Dillenger-was no exception. The movie is visually fantastic but all praise stops there. We did see a movie with Kate Beckingsale called-I believe-Whiteout. It took place in Antarctica and was a good, old fashioned thriller. We liked it, but Jay and John both figured out who the killer was before “all was revealed”. I was blissfully unaware. When I say we “saw” these movies, don’t get any strange ideas about us actually venturing out to a theatre. We’ve recently discovered the Video on Demand feature on fios, so we see these films from the comfort of our sofa.

Jay and Gimlet were a bit too tired for the hot tub this evening, but John and I hauled our sore shoveling muscles out there. The temperature outside was 22 F with a wind chill of 11F. The water in the hot tub was 102 F. I think it definitely helped. It was somewhat surreal though what with the Arctic landscape surrounding us. Not to mention we were a bit concerned about “snow zombies”……

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