Snowmaggedon Winds Down

6 PM-Blizzard Saturday

At 5:15 PM we noticed that it was no longer snowing. I waited a bit to see if it was just a wee break, but when the flakes had not made a reappearance by 6 pm, I went on outside to take the last “house in snow” pic for the storm.

Kerns Hydrant-6PM-Blizzard Saturday

I went around and took several snow measurements in the yard. It looks like we have 27-28 inches of accumulation here. The good news is we still have power. The bad news is that it is unlikely we can just stay here until the snow melts, we’re going to have to shovel. And believe me, although we have diligently been shoveling away, we still have TONS of snow to clear. The main driveway is not shoveled completely down to Kerns-not for John’s lack of effort as can be seen.

Driveway Clearance in Progress

The second driveway, where John’s car lies buried, has not been touched yet. The cars are still completely encased at this point. We did manage to clear a path to the hot tub and all hope to take a soak later this evening-God knows we’ll need it after all the shoveling! I haven’t actually see a plow go by in some time, so Kerns is not passable for regular cars. I really wonder if we’ll be headed to work on Monday. It truly was a historic snowfall. I’ve never seen anything like this here before. We haven’t been listening to the news much this afternoon, so I’m curious what all is being said.

What’s on the agenda for tonight? As I mentioned-some hot tub time- but also possibly a movie, definitely some cocktails, and some awesome pasta from Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza. Did someone mention that we are actually due for some more snow on tuesday?!!


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