11 AM Blizzard Saturday

You may have guessed by this point, but….YUP! Still snowing! And I mean snowing HARD. I guess it is not as bad as it was last night…..but still! Oh SAVE US!!! We go out literally every hour or so to shovel and are not making much of a dent at all.

Lea and Gimlet

Shoveling Jay

After seeing our neighbour’s wires down, we took a good look at the power supply coming into our house and noticed some heavy branches laying on our lines. Out we went with long poles to try to shake some of the snow off  of the branches which were directly on the wires. I don’t know how much good it did, but we’ve already watched a fairly large branch break off that very tree due to snow weight, so I suppose it was worth a try.

10 AM-Saturday-Branches on Wires

Shaking the branches

I did shovel out the fire hydrant on our property so that in the worse case scenario the fire department would be able to find it.

Kerns Hydrant-11 AM-Blizzard Saturday

Kerns Hydrant-11 AM-Blizzard Saturday-Post Dig Out

After all that work it was time for Blizzard Brunch.

Blizzard Brunch

I did set out some peanuts and seed for the outside animals. Here they are chowing down.

Spying the right nut

Is that a peanut down there?!

And what are you looking at?

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