Made it through the night…Snowpocalypse rages on!

7 AM-Blizzard Saturday

Well I did fall to sleep last night, so there were no wee hour of the morning photos. Here is the scene this morning-STILL snowing steadily, wet flakes that really stung my face. Occasional gusts of wind, but nothing sustained. The snow has really piled up! I would estimate-I did not have a ruler with me-that there was about 13-14 inches minimum.

Kerns Hydrant-7 AM Blizzard Saturday

We still have power and it doesn’t look like it went out at all last night. Lucky us! Around mid-night last night I looked out and noticed that several large branches had broken off of our neighbour’s tree and taken some sort of wires down with it. The same tree had big snow laden branches resting directly on the power lines nearby.

12:30 AM-Branches/Wires down on Kerns

12:30 AM-Branches on wires

Kerns Road-12:30 AM-Blizzard Saturday

The birds and squirrels are already out at their feeder looking for some food. There is very little distance now between the bottom of the feeder and the snow piled beneath it. I guess I’ll try to toss some seed and peanuts out on the snow. Stay posted for further updates…

One Response to Made it through the night…Snowpocalypse rages on!

  1. Theresa says:

    I thought we had it bad herewith the piddly 3 inches or so we got. I hope you’re well stocked up.

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