“It takes 3 shovels to get down…”

3 PM-Blizzard Saturday

Hmmm….Valuable words to live by. There is STILL a very steady snow coming down. We’ve continued fighting the losing shoveling battle. John was heard to utter the above comment (blog title) as he doggedly shoveled down the driveway in an attempt to reach Kerns Road.

Mad shoveling skills in action

Alas, you can’t really tell I did much shoveling when you look at the old hydrant shot.

Kerns Hydrant-3PM-Saturday Blizzard

We thankfully still have power, though the whole time we were outside we could hear the eerie sound of branches cracking and actually saw a huge one crash down in the neighbour’s driveway-yes, that would be the driveway he literally spent 4-5 hours shoveling and removing branches which had previously fallen! Poor guy. He popped right back outside and started work again.

I guess the snow is supposed to stop some time this evening. We definitely have well over 2 feet on the ground. When I go out for the next update, I’ll make sure I take a ruler and get an official number of inches.

Christmas Lights and Icicles

Guys? Is it still snowing?

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