Thus it begins!

2:30 PM-Blizzard Friday

Snow started this morning at 10:30 a.m.-very small, fine, wet flakes. I went into DC for the old hair appointment. Poor Suzanne was swamped with folks whose hair appointments she had to reschedule from tomorrow. Actually when I arrived in DC it wasn’t snowing there at that point, but it had started by the time I left. When I got back to Falls Church there was some snow accumulation on the ground, but the roads were just wet and I didn’t find them slippery at all. John just arrived back here completely laden with food bundles…believe me we will not starve! Thank’s to Pete’s pizza and John’s generosity we have a large New Haven style pizza and several varieties of pasta. I made some of my pasta sauce as well because Jay had whipped up some pizza dough that he wants to bake on his new pizza stone. I have the fixings for Shepherd’s Pie, there are various munchies, cheese and crackers, etc. Needless to say, we are set with alcohol. Very exciting! We’ve decided to post a picture of the house in the snow every 4 hours to show the progression of the storm. It will be located at the top of the blog. WTOP is now saying the predictions have been revised to 20-30 inches of snow. The record for DC was set in 1922-the Knickerbocker storm produced 28 inches of snow. There is a chance we might break the record! Stand by for all the details….

Getting ready for the storm!

Knickerbocker storm you say?

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