Early Evening Blizzard Update

6:30 PM-Blizzard Friday

Snow is still coming down-very steady. Its a really heavy, wet snow. Getting a clear photo of the house was tough-it is so dark you need a flash but when you use the flash it comes out like this:

Which I guess is good because it shows all the snow coming down. The above house picture was taken with a 3200 setting. Jay went out just before dark and shoveled some of the snow off the walk ways and shook it off some of our poor trees.

We’ve been watching the evening news and seems like everyone is sufficiently panicked. John’s been getting phone calls from friends and family in Ohio to check and make sure he was doing o.k. Our big upset thus far is that we just tried to heat some taquitos in our new microwave/pizza oven and it completely died! No matter how many times we unplugged/plugged it in, it did not resuscitate-it remained DOA. Very disappointing considering we just bought this one to replace the old one that died on St. Stephen’s Day. Boooooo!

The next blizzard picture update will be around 10:30 pm. I guess the storm isn’t supposed to really crank up until 4 am, so I don’t know how much of a difference will be seen. Since there were some difficulties seeing the house at this point- I will be taking photos of the fire hydrant on the edge of the property as well.

Kerns Road hydrant-6:30 pm Blizzard Friday

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