The Storm Approacheth…..

Yup..It looks like a major winter storm is rapidly headed this way! Up to two feet of snow are being predicted, along with 30+ mile per hour winds. Wow! I must admit that when I heard this news, I considered checking the maps to make sure Virginia was still located in it’s somewhat southern position among the states and hadn’t crept northwards when we weren’t looking. We’ve already had three significant snow events this winter-the Blizzard of ’09 in December dumped close to two feet of snow on us, along with two smaller snows just recently. That is really a lot for us. I generally am very skeptical of any weather forecast in this area, however it looks like this storm is really going to happen! I trekked out to the Giant this morning for groceries and folks were acting somewhat crazed. Everyone had their carts stacked with huge packages of toilet paper and there was little milk to be found on the shelves. I am confident we will survive the storm with the supplies I was able to gather. I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning, but after that I have nothing to do but sit and watch the snow. So along with everyone else in the mid-Atlantic region, I eagerly await the main event. In the meantime here are some pics from our last two snows.

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