Christmas 2009

Christmas Crow

Christmas was great! There were a few glitches leading up to the day….like the one on December 23rd. I woke up to get ready for work at 6 a.m. and as I stumbled out to the kitchen to get my coffee, I heard John showering downstairs. “Wow” I thought, “he sure is up early today.” Then I realized that John was in Cleveland, not showering in our basement. I dashed downstairs to find a flood! The culprit was our humidifier. I guess all things considered it wasn’t a terrible flood. Jay got busy with the wet/dry vac right away and we were able to get everything out mostly unscathed. Water did not reach any of our recent renovations or thankfully the studio with all of Jay’s guitars and various electronics and stopped mere inches from all of the Christmas prezzies waiting to be wrapped. One of the boxes did get a bit wet-it held Gimlet’s big Christmas prezzie-a slumber ball. We went ahead and let him open it early so that we could check it for water damage. Luckily it was packaged in plastic and was fine. Without a doubt it was Gimlet’s favorite gift.

Unwrapping the slumber ball.

Unwrapping the slumber ball

Gimlet chillin in the slumber ball

Both sets of parents came for dinner on Christmas Day. We served Beef Wellington, mashed potatoes with a creamy dijon gravy, and green beans with a bacon shallot dressing. For dessert I made a pistachio pear tart. We also had some great pies that Jay’s Mom brought and my parents brought along a coconut Smith Island cake that my Aunt Deenie had made. It was the first Beef Wellington I had ever attempted and really wasn’t as hard as I imagined it might be. A lot of prep work went into it, but it only took about 40 minutes to cook. The meat was very tender. We had found a new butcher-the Organic Butcher of McLean- and think that may be a big reason the meat was so tasty. The gravy has to be flambéed….first time I’ve ever done that as well. Jay had the fire extinguisher at the ready! Luckily it was not needed.

Beef Wellington

Rustic Pear Tart

The next morning, St. Stephen’s Day!-we had the parents back for a brunch and then my brother Russ, his wife Jen and their kids Riley and Jason stopped by. That was fantastic! The kids were adorable and we had great fun watching them with their prezzies. The big hit was the Radio Flyer Retro Rocket. Technically we gave it to Jason, but Riley was quite taken with it as well.

Jason with his rocket

Singing Princess

That evening we held our St. Stephen’s Day party. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We had a great time.

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