Out with the old…..


Yesterday, July 29th, was our 3rd year together anniversary. Thats right-3 years ago yesterday we went on a date to see a band at the Black Cat and that started it all. Since we’re married now I guess we have to do away with that. However, being as nostalgic as I am, I couldn’t just throw a date away, so I proclaimed it “Lea and Jay Day”. On our day yesterday we went on a +10 mile hike up to the top of Signal Hill in St. John’s. The weather was really, really great-75 and sunny! That hill is quite steep, we were definitely feeling it when we got up there! It was worth it I must say because the views were unbelievable. You could see the whole city and surrounding areas, out into the Atlantic Ocean and up and down the coastline.


On the way down the hill, pretty much at the halfway mark, we were very very happy to find a Mr. Whippy truck-soft serve ice cream. Yay! One of the best cones I’ve ever had….or maybe the most needed anyway. We got back to the hotel, after a somewhat disappointing lunch at the YellowBelly Brewery (big shock….we ate there last year and it was fantastic. This year another story….Greasy seafood chowder…YUCK!) and soaked in the jacuzzi tub for over an hour (we’re no spring chickens now and the big hike inspired some very noticeable aches and pains). Fantastic day altogether. We’ll have to celebrate it every year!

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