Ant in a tea cup!


So…its our first day in Newfoundland. We got in very late last night, or rather, very early this morning -1 a.m. On our arrival, the weather was upper sixties, foggy and a bit of drizzle. It felt fantastic!-especially after the recent weather in D.C. We grabbed a taxi into St. John’s-to the Murray Premises Hotel-where we will be staying this week. The taxi driver told us on the way that they’ve been having a bit of a problem on the waterfront, where our hotel is located, with leaking sewage pipes! As we drove up we saw all of the construction-diggers as far as the eye could see! He said the smell of sewage had been awful, but hopefully they would be able to repair the leaks soon. Needless to say, we were really worried about what kind of a smell would greet us when we stepped out of the cab, not to mention how much horrible construction noise we would be hearing early in the morning. Knock on wood, it has been fine so far. I don’t really smell any particularly noxious odours and the noise is really quite muted.

We stayed at this hotel last year, and it is as luxurious as I remember. The “full body” shower was awesome for washing away all the travel grime this morning. Once we managed to wake up this morning, we went for a stroll about the city. The weather was 70 degrees and breezy. We stopped for lunch at Greensleeves pub and sat outside on their deck for  pints of Stella Artois  and dry rub hot chicken wings and fries. Fantastic!


All of the pub owners were stocking up to get ready for the George Street Festival, which will be starting on Thursday. Here are a few of the nearby pubs of George Street.










After some time, we resumed our wanders and realized that the city of St. Johns, is very like Cork Ireland in that it can make a person feel just like an ant in a tea cup-no matter which way you turn, it is up hill!

2 Responses to Ant in a tea cup!

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