Pre-Wedding Weather


euro = $1.30

Sunday April 19                               60F/46F*********Partly Cloudy

Monday April 20                               55F/48F********Mostly Cloudy

Tuesday April 21                               53F/48F********Mostly Cloudy

Wednesday April 22                          57F/46F********Rain

Thursday April 23                              50F/42F********Rain

Friday April 24                                   50F/39F********Partly Sunny

Saturday April 25                               53F/44F********Partly Sunny

Sunday April 26 (Wedding Day!)  55F/46F********Partly Sunny

One Response to Pre-Wedding Weather

  1. Linda Emory says:

    Looks like you had a WONDERFUL day weather wise…. for Ireland! I have so much enjoyed viewing ALL… THE BEST to both of you in your ongoing endeaver!
    My husband and I were able to “honeymoon” in Ireland, a year after we were married, I always enjoy pictures!! And have certainly enjoyed yours!!!!
    I AM Joans HAIRDRESSER!!!! Everyone LOOKS GREAT!!! Thanks for Sharing your wonderful DAY!!!

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