One month to go!

I guess its just a little over one month til our wedding! Thanks so much to everyone who will be joining us in the celebration. To those who are not able to make it, thanks so much for considering the journey. We will definitely miss you. Please keep posted to our site. We’ll be posting information, pictures and possible updates from Ireland as they happen!We are hoping to plan a post-wedding celebration here in Falls Church as well.

From now up until April 20th, I will  be posting updates each week with the euro exchange rate and the 7 day weather forcast for Galway. So….here we go:

1 Euro = $1.36

Sunday 3/22         Hi 50F/Lo40F….90% chance of rain

Monday 3/23        Hi 42F/Lo38F….30% chance of rain

Tuesday 3/24        Hi 50F/ Lo46F ….Rain

Wednesday 3/25  Hi 51F/Lo46F…..Cloudy

Thursday 3/26      Hi 50F/Lo 42

Friday 3/27            Hi46F/Lo 41F…50% chance of rain

Saturday 3/28       Hi42F/ Lo39F…..drizzle

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